Whilst away in the countryside this weekend, and after unpacking a suitcase full of kinky accoutrement, my companion challenged me to select my five must-have ‘desert island’ bedroom accessories.  I wouldn’t exactly call myself a minimalist, but there was something quite appealing about the notion of streamlining my equipment in advance of being marooned on a hypothetical tropical paradise. Not only would it encourage me to focus on quality rather than quantity, but it would also bring a bit of inventiveness to the way in which I used, and thought about, my kit.

Within the Desert Island Discs format, we decided that an inexhaustible supply of condoms was a given, as was a copy of the King James Bible – because if you don’t have time to atone for your various sins when stuck on an island, when do you? After some thought, here are the five that made my list:

Lube. It just makes everything better. Use it on toys, on fingers, on nipples and intimate areas, and your play is instantly slicker, in every sense. It’s not particuarly glamorous or spectacular, but it’s a must have. For me, there’s just no better water based lube than ID Glide

A wand vibrator. Assuming I’ve somehow got access to a power socket on this island, a multi purpose vibe seems essential. My lovers will tell you how much I adore orgasm denial (both giving and receiving), and wands are my favourite toy for this kind of teasing play. They can also be used on a variety of other erogenous zone to delicious effect, and, if used cleverly, can also make oral sex even more amazing. I’m hopelessly loyal to my Hitachi

A good length of rope. Unlike bondage tape, rope is reusable, and offers a huge scope of bondage and restraint options. Ties can be beautiful and intricate, in the shibari tradition, or more fast and functional for keeping your playmate from escaping whilst you have your wicked way with them.  Rope also works well for leading your cute little plaything about, whether affixed to a collar or slung over the chains of nipple clamps. The possibilities are as varied as your imagination. My favourite rope comes from Twisted Monk

A riding crop. The submissive in me thought long and hard about whether to include any implements on this selection, there’s a strong argument that the greatest toy for impact is a hand, along with anything else flat and hard you care to improvise with. However, there’s something about the way a person looks wielding a crop, and it’s quick, sharp sting on impact that can’t be replicated, that always keeps me coming back for me. I’m much enamoured with my Model Traitor crop

A metal butt plugArguably not essential, but I  just adore how they feel. Metal toys have their own distinct weight, feel and temperature, which I prefer to any other material. Being told to bend over whilst a lover inserts one never fails to drive me wild, plus these bejewelled Julian Snelling plugs look adorable and make me feel suitably princess-y. As if I needed any further encouragement..

I hope you approve of my selection. I’d love to hear your top fives too, so come over to twitter and share them with me.  And daydreams about remote tropical islands aside, I’m back in London now, and in the mood to play. Come and join me.

2023 — Louisa Knight