March 2017


On Threesomes

Isn’t it great when all your girlfriends are smoking hot babes that are excellent at sex? No need to answer, it’s hardly a moot point. One of my greatest joys is playing with others, and to that end, I’ve updated my friends page, to include = the divine Evelyn Greene. Also after several months of jet-setting, […]

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On better sex

If you’re interested in having better sex (and who isn’t, frankly), you might like to read my thoughts on the matter in this Vice article.  In it, I talk about porn, sex drive, group sex, BDSM and non monogamy, as well as debunking the myth that great lovers know automatically what their partner wants: “We’ve got so […]

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On selections

Whilst away in the countryside this weekend, and after unpacking a suitcase full of kinky accoutrement, my companion challenged me to select my five must-have ‘desert island’ bedroom accessories.  I wouldn’t exactly call myself a minimalist, but there was something quite appealing about the notion of streamlining my equipment in advance of being marooned on a hypothetical […]

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On Variety

Perhaps it had escaped your notice, but I’m kind of kinky. I primarily identify as submissive, but the scales are increasingly swinging more towards switchy-ness – a transition that’s probably the subject of a future blog post all of its own. Sometimes prospective clients contact me and report an interest in trying BDSM for the first […]

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