February 2018


Kinky London escort and submissive Louisa Knight reclines naked on the stairs, wearing only stockings

On the city

There is a side of the city you will not be able to see until you have done this job. There is a whole separate world mapped alongside the one you occupied before; the city and its double, revealed to you only gradually as you wind your way down another heavy-carpeted hallway in a luxury […]

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Kinky London escort Louisa Knight drenched in pink neon and a corset

On neon

It was Foucault that posited that power would eventually be located in “just the inspecting gaze”, and as an exhibitionist, there always been something thrilling in playing with notions of performance, spectacle and voyeurism. These ideas inspired my latest teaser, a neon-drenched homage to Tokyo Decadence and the all-seeing eye of the surveillance (or selfie) […]

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