April 2018


International kinky companion louisa knight poses in a black silk slip, showing off her pert breasts

On reading material

Who doesn’t enjoy link round ups? Especially those featuring yours truly and some of my favourite friends. In case you missed them, here’s some new reading material for you insatiable lot: I spoke to Strategist about how to find the perfect condom for every size, shape and proclivity; My favourite femme fatale Valerie August spoke […]

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International kinky companion louisa knight poses in black silk pyjamas, showing off her peachy bottom

On shame

I am erotically obsessed with shame. Shame – the emotion that Silvan S. Tomkins defined as one of the primary ‘negative affects’ – is a uniquely physical thing. Shame is felt in the pit of your stomach, and is often manifested through blushes, prickling skin and an increased awareness of the body. Unlike other negative […]

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