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As some of you may know, trying to get a daytime appointment with me mid-week is more difficult than being sat in-between Angela Merkel and Yanis Varoufakis at a dinner party. Due to other, more traditional work commitments, I’ve always seen clients around my 9-5, which has resulted in some rather complicated scheduling on my part, and somewhat frustrating availability.

However, I’m thrilled that from September I’ll be keeping much more sociable appointment hours. I’ve finally unchained myself from the office and have enrolled for post-graduate study, so will be returning to a far more relaxed student timetable .

I’ve been eager to get back to academics for years, but just haven’t been at the right point to do so. However, thanks to a fortunate confluence of circumstances, I’m now able to dive back in, meaning I can pursue my two favourite activities, reading and smut, full time.

I’ve always believed that the two informed each other, as a curious mind in the library often translates into one in the bedroom. So, if you’re a fan of intellectual kink in the afternoon, do get in touch. And if you’ve previously contacted me for a daytime session, and I’ve been unavailable, there’s never been a better time for us to reconnect.

Here’s to future adventures..

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  1. Comment by Bruce

    Bruce 31st July 2015 at 10:57 pm

    Hello Louisa, Now this is a world first … I have never blogged or responded to a blog in my life !!! … you are the first …. see how you inspire. Now I’m not at all sure that the ramblings of an old git in his 50’s holds the slightest interest to you but as I understand it … a blog is something that is chucked out into the ether that I have an absolute and fundamental human right to comment on … if I choose to … just as you have the same inalienable right to hit the delete button if it bores you to tears. Seems fair … so here goes … I will “have my say”.

    There I was conducting legitimate research on the political strategy of Angela Merkel (or Mutti as my 91 year old German mother calls her) when up pops your website. Bloody hell thinks I, …. those German health spa’s really are as good as mother says. They’ve sure perked Merkyl up and given her appearance a lift. With her dressed like that I can’t see Varoufakis holding out much longer.

    I smelt a rat. I must read some other blogs on the site methinks. The more I read the more I think I’m going to give this blogging malarkey a go. A few other things in these here blogs need comment.

    First the website. Really, very impressive. Beautifully done actually. Elegant, simple, neat and functional. A far cry from some. You should be pleased and proud. If your new base in the West End matches the website for style, I badly need you to give my old place a makeover !!

    The Gallery. Now I’ve not seen it myself, you understand, but my alter ego (who tends to go everywhere he’s not supposed to) tells me it is stunning. He tells me that even the really old black and white stuff, taken back in my day, ooze quality … and the colour ones are pretty good too …. although … he adds … the photographer can’t go wrong really … he’s got pretty good raw material to work with.

    Switching it up and Mistress training. Now this is intellectually interesting. I am speaking as someone who is vastly experienced in the BDSM scene having had a total of 4 sessions, 10 years ago in Australia, two of which were a disaster … but on the ‘up side’ …. the other 2 … I have fantasised about ever since. Why tell you this … don’t rush me …. if you haven’t hit delete by now … like a B grade movie … you better find out the ending.

    The first two sessions were just way too focused on humiliation, degradation and pain (God those bloody nipple clamps) for my delicate constitution. I had asked for ‘light tie and tease’. I was totally through with this scene …. until …. those pesky fantasies came back.

    I blame a very conventional sex life. I have had some lovely partners … and have some lovely memories …. but very conventional love making … and I was not bold in asking for something different. I digress.

    So, with the flame of desire burning again, I thought …. one more try. I phoned another Mistress … who listened to my whinging. “I want to see you” says she, “not for a session, but a chat … no charge. After our chat if you want to book, then fine, if not … then fine.” So off I trotted.

    To my amazement we sat with a drink for the best part of an hour. Mistress Elizabeth explained she was a Switch, which was nothing to do with the lights. She explained she was annoyed …. she loved BDSM and I should not have been introduced in such an amateur fashion. We talked, we looked at pictures, she patiently winkled out feelings and fantasies as well as taboos and downright NO’s. She also said if I booked … she wanted me to try to Switch and that if I did she would guide me.

    I booked of course. The dominant part, me as submissive, was unbelievable. This beautiful body wrapped in provocation, teasing, testing, touching, probing. The 2 sessions gave me feelings I had truly never experienced before. She showed me a sensual and sexual power that was breath taking. She showed me that the higher the arousal the lower the barriers … the taboos fall away. Anal was a taboo …. but she took me there, with small plug and strap on and I said Hello to my prostate. I didn’t even know the little bugger was living there, let alone the power he has.

    The Switch. I was really nervous … did I want to do this?? I relate completely to your blog which is what inspired me to ramble like this. I was also of the submissive persuasion …. like you …. the opposite of my day job. Elizabeth patiently encouraged me. I should blind fold her, so I was less conscious of her watching. Did I want to put her over my knee?? Ever so slowly I started to feel, this was not so bad. To have a stunning lady, naked and restrained and spread on a cross, while I touched, kissed, nibbled, spanked and explored her. Flames were flickering …

    In truth I think I was still fairly rubbish as a domme, perhaps needing much more practise. But the whole point of this is to say I wish so much I had explored my own sexuality many years ago. You are clearly exploring yours and, because of my past, I just felt so pleased and privileged that you shared these feelings.

    You are both beautiful and intelligent. You have the body and the brain to be an unbelievably sensual domme. Sensual domination can be so incredibly powerful and I sometimes feel plays this type of domination plays 2nd fiddle to other more prescriptive role plays. In the end it is whatever ‘floats your boat’. Find your own way and enjoy !!

    Had I stayed in Australia I would have explored more. Now, after a long term relationship has ended, and ten years after the wonderful Elizabeth cared enough to show me …. in 2 wonderful sessions … I actually intend to re-visit these feelings and see someone again on the few times I can get to London. So if you are interested in fossils ?? …. but that was truly not why I write ….

    A last thought ( and I’m sorry I have rambled) …. Perhaps it is a generational thing … it is only a personal opinion, but it is a delight to see your body without tattoos and piercings. I really have no problem with tattoos, in fact, some are truly impressive art … I just think any artist is going to struggle to improve on perfection. There are only 2 ways to improve on that body …. add a ready smile and a kind heart !!!

    Take good care out there and thanks again for provoking a response.


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