As some of you may know, trying to get a daytime appointment with me mid-week is more difficult than being sat in-between Angela Merkel and Yanis Varoufakis at a dinner party. Due to other, more traditional work commitments, I’ve always seen clients around my 9-5, which has resulted in some rather complicated scheduling on my part, and somewhat frustrating availability.

However, I’m thrilled that from September I’ll be keeping much more sociable appointment hours. I’ve finally unchained myself from the office and have enrolled for post-graduate study, so will be returning to a far more relaxed student timetable .

I’ve been eager to get back to academics for years, but just haven’t been at the right point to do so. However, thanks to a fortunate confluence of circumstances, I’m now able to dive back in, meaning I can pursue my two favourite activities, reading and smut, full time.

I’ve always believed that the two informed each other, as a curious mind in the library often translates into one in the bedroom. So, if you’re a fan of intellectual kink in the afternoon, do get in touch. And if you’ve previously contacted me for a daytime session, and I’ve been unavailable, there’s never been a better time for us to reconnect.

Here’s to future adventures..

2023 — Louisa Knight