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On being good

What is it that compels us to be ‘good’? If you ask the moral philosophers, you’ll get a range of answers – from the simple following of a set of commandments to the idea that you should maximise happiness when you’re deciding how to act. But on an individual level, the answer often comes from […]

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On looking (and not touching)

As children, we’re taught it’s rude to stare, the implication being that to look for too long is vulgar, even invasive. “Visibility,” Foucault stated famously, “is a trap,” and it’s a fact now universally accepted that a person is weakened, rendered almost powerless by their having been seen. This opinion has always struck me (for […]

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On denial

You don’t need a degree in psychoanalysis to know we human beings are programmed to want what we cannot have. Denial is its own heat source, a generator of acute, erotic energy. And yet it is more complicated than mere refusal, and can arrive to us in many forms. “They call it longing,” a poet […]

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On snapshots

Seeking something to distract you from a grey Monday morning? Can I recommend the brand new photos by the wonderful Studio St Germain over in my gallery (and with a glimpse below)? It was an absolute pleasure working with Lizzy, whose fashion background really caught my eye. Not only is her composition exceptional, but our shoot […]

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On laughter

One lesson firmly instilled in me by my dashing school music tutor was: even if you make a mistake, never stop playing. As I got older, fumbling my way through various sexual encounters, I realised this was a useful refrain in more situations than simply clarinet recitals. Things go wrong in sex all the time; […]

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On kicks

I’m a sucker for synths. And for love songs. So really I was looking for any excuse to roll around in sneakers and lingerie listening to 10cc. This little promo, which I’m calling Kicks for the aforementioned footwear, is the outcome. One for all the other lovers of synths and naked girls out there. Unsurprisingly, […]

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On the agenda

Having emerged, blinking, from the British Library after completing a big piece of post-graduate work, I’ve been gleefully catching up on the content I missed during my time as an academic anchorite. I thought I’d share a few of the more interesting ones, before picking up my adventures as a kinky escort right where I […]

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On holiday

I went on a sun-drenched trip to Andalusia with some of my most gorgeous friends, and all I got was a stunning set of photos by Lupa Vaux, and a few more by Amelia Swann. Quite the adventure. They’re over in my gallery, have a peak. Then if you’re feeling inspired to lounge around in […]

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On sleaze

Why is it that the seediest encounters are often the most erotic? This thought struck my mind one night in Berlin, backing my way into a dark, dirty corner of Berghain with a partner, ready to let loose on each other after hours pumping ourselves up on the dance floor. While the throb of techno […]

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On revelations

A someone who enjoys taking their clothes off, I spend rather a lot of time preoccupied with the process itself. I’m intrigued by the power imbued in the ways in which we can make the transition from being fully clothed, to a state of undress. Roland Barthes believed the striptease to be something of a […]

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