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On sparks

I travel, frequently. As a matter of fact, I’m writing this blog post poolside in Andalusia. A consequence of this jet-setting is often finding myself alone, in a strange place, with time to kill and nothing but my own imagination to keep me company. Sometimes, I realise I’m less alone than I think; it’s in […]

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On reading material

Who doesn’t enjoy link round ups? Especially those featuring yours truly and some of my favourite friends. In case you missed them, here’s some new reading material for you insatiable lot: I spoke to Strategist about how to find the perfect condom for every size, shape and proclivity; My favourite femme fatale Valerie August spoke […]

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On shame

I am erotically obsessed with shame. Shame – the emotion that Silvan S. Tomkins defined as one of the primary ‘negative affects’ – is a uniquely physical thing. Shame is felt in the pit of your stomach, and is often manifested through blushes, prickling skin and an increased awareness of the body. Unlike other negative […]

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On film

Just in time for my 27th birthday last week, I chopped off some of my hair and decided it was time for some new pictures to reflect the change. I’d also been looking to shoot with the wonderful Jennifer from Run Deep for a while, and this seemed like the ideal opportunity. I’ve never made any […]

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On the city

There is a side of the city you will not be able to see until you have done this job. There is a whole separate world mapped alongside the one you occupied before; the city and its double, revealed to you only gradually as you wind your way down another heavy-carpeted hallway in a luxury […]

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On neon

It was Foucault that posited that power would eventually be located in “just the inspecting gaze”, and as an exhibitionist, there always been something thrilling in playing with notions of performance, spectacle and voyeurism. These ideas inspired my latest teaser, a neon-drenched homage to Tokyo Decadence and the all-seeing eye of the surveillance (or selfie) […]

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On feedback

I’ve always been a little ambivalent about review culture. This may be the age of Uber ratings and Trip Advisor stars, but when it comes to something as subjective as desire, overly-simplistic definitions of ‘positive’ vs ‘negative’ seem wholly inadequate. This uncertainty prevails in parts of the adult industry, with colleagues of mine have written […]

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On boundaries

As a BDSM practitioner, few things make me more sceptical than when a lover tells me they have “no boundaries”. As part of the negotiation and communication that I do with anyone I play with, I like to have a candid conversation about our mutual desires and preferences, and boundaries form a crucial part of that. It’s […]

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On latex

I’ve just shot some rather gorgeous new content featuring exquisite pastel latex from one of my favourite designers, William Wilde. I’ve always loved latex. It’s not a material one takes lightly, and there’s an undeniably ritualistic component to getting dressed in it. You need to prepare yourself before you put it on, anointing you skin to ensure […]

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On film

Due to a slight ongoing technical issue, my promo videos aren’t functioning my gallery currently. Rather than deny you all these visuals, as an interim measure, you can see them all below. I’ll be refreshing my site in early 2018 (along with even more new content), so we should be back up and running then. […]

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