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On better sex

If you’re interested in having better sex (and who isn’t, frankly), you might like to read my thoughts on the matter in this Vice article.  In it, I talk about porn, sex drive, group sex, BDSM and non monogamy, as well as debunking the myth that great lovers know automatically what their partner wants: “We’ve got so […]

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On selections

Whilst away in the countryside this weekend, and after unpacking a suitcase full of kinky accoutrement, my companion challenged me to select my five must-have ‘desert island’ bedroom accessories.  I wouldn’t exactly call myself a minimalist, but there was something quite appealing about the notion of streamlining my equipment in advance of being marooned on a hypothetical […]

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On Variety

Perhaps it had escaped your notice, but I’m kind of kinky. I primarily identify as submissive, but the scales are increasingly swinging more towards switchy-ness – a transition that’s probably the subject of a future blog post all of its own. Sometimes prospective clients contact me and report an interest in trying BDSM for the first […]

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On the Menu

As you may have deduced from my Friends Page, I’m something of a social creature. One of the joys of being a professional escort is that it affords me the opportunity to forge new connections with people I might otherwise not have crossed paths with. To my mind, there are few more pleasurable ways to do […]

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On Novelty

New year, new photos. Have you checked out my updated gallery yet? I hope you enjoy them. This is the first of several updates to come this year, so keep your eyes peeled for further salacious imagery. And just for you blog readers, here’s an out-take of me goofing about in the shower in between […]

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On Fantasies pt. II

When my husband first suggested we visit a therapist together, I was initially reticent. The idea of sharing personal, intimate thoughts and feelings with a stranger filled me with uncertainty. But after some gentle persuasion, I found myself sat in the stark, yet chic office of Dr Alex Rayne. She was far younger than I’d anticipated, […]

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GFE English escort Louisa Knight with natural breasts looking into a mirror

On oral fixations

I’ve always had something of an oral fixation. Bitten lips, murmured confessions, hysterical literature and stolen kisses all drive me wild.  And of course, there are few better things to do with your mouth than communicate with a lover. With that in mind, here’s a brief list of things I love to hear in the bedroom. […]

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Orgies and Perversity - Louisa Knight

On Back to School

I don’t always agree with Sigmund Freud, but when it comes to holidays, it seems we’re on the same page. The psychoanalyst and his European colleagues traditionally took the whole of August off, seeing it as a crucial opportunity for those who deal with the emotions of others for a living to take some time for […]

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On Visuals

So, I made a little promo. It features me writhing around in various states of undress and showing off some of my favourite toys. It plays with some rather slinky music, for those of you sneaking a peak in the office, so plug in your headphones. Full screen viewing is most definitely advised. Enjoy x  

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On Advice

When it comes to my sexuality, I’ve always relished new experiences, and discovering previously-unexplored desires. It therefore brings me constant delight to return the favour, and facilitate new experiences for my clients, especially those of a decidedly kinky bent. I find sessioning with newbies really sexy (I can’t help but enjoy the feeling of corrupting them..), as […]

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