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On glimpses

For those of you of an aesthetic persuasion, i’ve just added some new images to my gallery. I’ll let them speak for themselves, but I wanted to create some photos that included both the polished, formal sexiness of lingerie, along with the more casual ‘t shirt and white panties’ look that I feel most relaxed in. They’re full of […]

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Kinky escort Louisa Knight reclines in a hotel, wrapped up in white sheets and wearing stockings and suspenders

On play spaces

Commercial dungeons are an endangered species in London right now. With fetish spaces like Murder Mile and The Hoist recently shutting up shop, it’s increasingly difficult to find stylish, suitable spaces for indulging your kinks. However, hope is not lost for those of us with more niche tastes. As someone who spends rather a lot […]

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Kinky escort louisa Knight reclines naked

On voyeurism

I recently shot some new images with the enviously multi-talented Mistress Elita Darling, and they’re over in my gallery now. Following on from Helmut Newton’s famous edict that “If a photographer says he is not a voyeur, he is an idiot,” we drew inspiration from ideas of voyeurism, exhibitionism and katoptronophilia (10 points if you know what that […]

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Kinky escort Louisa Knight reclined on a sofa in a tight grey mini dress during international travel

On the new girl

Perhaps I should blame it on the new promo, but increasingly I’ve found myself a little overwhelmed by enquiries from prospective lovers.  This is, of course, always a rather nice problem to have, but to be frank, it’s not the admin side of things that I enjoy the most about my job. For me, the pleasures of the flesh are far […]

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Submissive escort Louisa Knight opens a briefcase with a manicured hand

On office politics

I’ve made a new promo, Office Politics, which you can watch here. Produced by the brilliant Duke, it features a guest appearance by the divine Mistress Elita. In it, I’m a wayward secretary summoned to the boardroom for punishment. But before my ferocious boss Elita arrives, my imagination runs riot. It’s inspired by my own particular love […]

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Kinky pet play submissive louisa as a bunny, wearing a collar, butt plug harness

On Dazed & Confused

Did you catch my interview with Gareth May in Dazed Digital? We chatted about pro kink, submission vs domination, and the cultural framing of sex work. Here’s a snippet of me talking about the space of kink sessions: “A pro-submissive session is similar to what’s happening when you go to see immersive theatre or performance […]

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Image of international escort Louisa Knight on the beach

On looking

Just in time for the bank holiday, I’ve updated my gallery with new photos taken in LA – some from the beach and others from the boudoir. I hope you enjoy. And if you made it this far without clicking the link and heading straight to the visuals, give yourself a cookie, and enjoy this […]

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On communication

As you may have seen me discussing on Twitter last week, communication is at the heart of my work as a professional submissive. This applies just as much in the bedroom as it does out of it, and it’s for this reason that I spend a fair amount of time talking with lovers about our meeting in […]

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Bisexual girlfriends Alex Rayne and Louisa Knight as a french maid for a BDSM roleplay and threesome

On girl on girl

Have you seen these photos of me and Alex let loose in a country estate yet? She played the mistress of the house and I was an errant housemaid (and stable girl) that kept finding herself distracted by those gorgeous tattoos. Feast your eyes on the images below, then come and play with us. We like sharing.

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On Threesomes

Isn’t it great when all your girlfriends are smoking hot babes that are excellent at sex? No need to answer, it’s hardly a moot point. One of my greatest joys is playing with others, and to that end, I’ve updated my friends page, to include = the divine Evelyn Greene. Also after several months of jet-setting, […]

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