Please use this form to contact me, or send me an email at [email protected]. I take our mutual privacy very seriously, and in order to safeguard this, I will now only be responding to email from encrypted email clients such as Protonmail or Tutanota. If you email me from a non-secure server and don’t hear back – that’ll be why! Help me protect our data by signing up for an encrypted email service now.

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Message (I'm selective about who I meet with. I prefer polite, concise messages from clients who have read all the information on my site in full. Explicit or vulgar messages go straight into my trash folder I'm afraid. Due to a high volume of enquiries, initial enquiries are handled by my assistant, who will help with scheduling our meeting. After that, I'll be in touch directly. Please introduce yourself briefly, include some suggested dates and times for a meeting, how long you'd like to meet for and an overview of what you're interested in exploring. Also, if you have met with other providers in the past who can act as a reference, do list them here)

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