To write is human, to receive a letter: Divine!

Have you devoured all the information on this site? Please advance to ‘Go’ and collect 200. If you’d like to meet, please use this form to contact me. Initial enquiries and screening are handled by my assistant, but never fear, we’ll speak directly once logistics are taken care of.  If you’re not able to provide a reference from another provider, screening can be completed via ID or employment verification. No exceptions fellas, this is purely for my peace of mind. In the interests of privacy, I use secure email service Protonmail for my correspondence. If you take your digital security seriously too, I highly recommend creating a free account, to ensure our messages are encrypted end-to-end (which sounds slightly rude, doesn’t it?).

If you’re another provider seeking a reference from me, you can email me at [email protected] The clue’s in the name here, and this address is just for references, not date enquiries.

2021 — Louisa Knight