The Girlfriend Experience

Inspired Intimacy

Connection is everything. It reveals who we are, and who we could be. It transforms our lives in an instant. Connection remakes the world. Whether it’s the glimpse that first catches your attention, early flirtatious sparks, or those long, blissful afternoons when it feels as if the world was entirely just for the two of you. Let’s discover ourselves, and each other, in those moments.

This is The Girlfriend Experience (GFE), but it’s so much more than acronyms. It’s for those that seek the remarkable amidst the everyday, and who know that desire is about more than mere physicality. This is for lovers that share an appreciation of chemistry, unfolding over time. It’s the honeymoon period, forever.

I’ve always been eager for more. More knowledge, more romance, more thrills, more splendour. I share Walter Pater’s view that “to burn always with a hard, gemlike flame, to maintain this ecstasy, is success in life”. And so far, so good. But ecstasy adores company, and my interpretation of GFE is for those with similar impulses and inclinations.

Finding new partners in abandon and adventure never gets old, so care to keep me company for a while? There’s new cities to explore, new stories to write, and Old Fashioneds to drink into the early hours. Sometimes it takes the gaze of someone new to see us for who we really are, so let’s meet in that sweet spot between intimacy and mystery.

You should know I’ve no interest in being purely decorative – my mind’s as sharp as my stilettoes (although I tend to kick them off later into the evening). I click best with lovers who are looking for their equal, and who find intellect and confidence sexy, rather than intimidating. Tall, dark and handsome always appealed to me far less than an enquiring mind and a mischievous smile. If you can give as good as you get – whether that’s in conversation, ambition or in bed – no doubt we can inspire each other.

And what more perfect backdrop for inspiration than London? Get your coat and let’s explore the city, whether it’s culinary hot spots in the East end, wide open space in West London or the buzz of cocktails and mischief in Central London. Although, if you’re looking for total R&R, we can always hightail to some bolthole in the countryside. I’m a fan of country walks, and an even bigger fan of country pubs (particularly those full of roaring fires and friendly dogs). Have wellies, will travel, although I also have a passport if you don’t fancy taking your chances with the British summer, and would prefer to Fly Me to You.

A little carnal knowledge

I’m often asked what I like in bed, and I’m afraid I can’t provide you with a definitive check list. My tastes vary from day to day and lover to lover, and I prefer to let chemistry light the way. Ultimately, it’s sensuality, touch, communication and urgency that I crave, along with a feeling of being undone by pleasure.

It’s these things that characterise truly memorable GFE experiences for me – moments which are as singular as they magical. I enjoy slow, languid mornings full of messy kisses and teasing fingertips. I enjoy pushing up my skirt and bending over the kitchen counter for an urgent quickie before heading out to dinner. I enjoy hiding from the real world for a while and retiring to a hotel, surrendering to the feel of white cotton sheets and oodles of champagne. I enjoy fun, light hearted sex, where you find yourselves giggling with the delight and silliness of rolling around naked like teenagers. I enjoy sex outside, bathed in sunshine, and passionate, animalistic fucking. I love variety. I like to give as much as I receive. But most of all I love connection.

As for the ‘who’. I find equal pleasure in the company of men as women, and thanks to a teenage diet of softcore lesbian erotica, I’ve always taken a particular interest in group sex. If that’s your scene too, let’s follow the Bloomsbury Group’s lead and love in triangles. I’ve oodles of beautiful accomplices that could join us, but maybe you’d prefer to bring your partner. As an equal opportunist slut, I date people of all genders, as well as those that identify as straight, bisexual or lesbian. Sympatico knows no binaries or labels.

But enough about me for now. What is it you like? I’d love to find out. Get in touch if you think we could unravel each other’s mysteries.

2023 — Louisa Knight