Independently yours

A little more

The escort industry continues to evolve and there are various offerings on the internet to choose from. Independent escort services, like my own, in particular can provide you with a first-hand experience of true companionship. My services compare as being more favorable and customer-friendly than the escort agency services on offer in the market today. If you are curious as to why independent escort services are so popular today it is time to appreciate my packages that offer you an unforgettable experience.


Although escort agencies still dominate the industry market, independent escort services offer more flexibility that you cannot get with an escort agency. In fact, flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of soliciting escorts from an independent escort service. Since independent escorts manage their own schedules, they are open to meet clients in more diverse ways- the world is your oyster in that regard! It is totally up to us to decide what we are comfortable with and there is no rush. There is a non-existent chance of being mislead by appearances or price. The process is relatively straightforward from ordering to discussing the venue, “the what and why.”

Attention oriented

Independent escorts are vastly different from agency escorts. I apply myself to serving you, the client, diligently and not out of duty since I receive the full-pay and on my own terms. Escorting is not a job to me, but rather an engagement out of free-will and sheer pleasure. It is an enjoyment that I take thrill in. Thus, I put my time and energy into it to connecting with you in a deeper sense to make you comfortable and free to have an experience of a lifetime. A truly client-focused service delivers the best possible value for our companionship.

Barring a troubling screening process, I am oriented to listen to you during your session, following your hints and cues of what your desires and wants are just to fulfil them and usher you to unimaginable bliss! Such a pleasure will not only boost your ego, but also raise your spirits.

Our meeting

When it comes to how we spend our time together, the world (and your imagination) is our oyster. I’m just as comfortable lounging in Egyptian cotton as I am awaiting your command on the end of a leash.

We can while away the hours in my Central London apartment, exploring your deepest desires and whispered fantasies. If you prefer to go out, let’s flirt over dinner and drinks before retiring for pudding. As a submissive, I’m especially drawn to kinky encounters, but I also enjoy more languid, intimate GFE experiences.

I play especially well with others, so perhaps we could also invite one of my friends to join our tryst. And if you prefer your flings a little further-flung, I travel internationally to meet foreign lovers.

Aim higher than acronyms. Reject one-size-fits-all, and seek out your equal. Pursue a lover with a mind as sharp as her stilettos and a rebellious streak that’s reserved for those unafraid of it.

2021 — Louisa Knight