Independently yours

A little more

Still wondering exactly what it is that makes independent escorts so wonderful? Or perhaps all your experiences to date have been through escort agencies, so the world of indie providers feel a bit new. Follow me to the independent side, young Jedi. Because if you’re seeking a unique and genuine connection, the best approach can often be with Independent escorts in London, like me. To start with, you can peruse the entirety of my site to find out more about me in advance, including my blogs, which hopefully give you a bit of a sense of who I am and what I like. Also, without the ‘middle man’ of an agency, we can connect immediately, and get to know one another personally in advance of a date – which generally means we’ll really click when we meet.

Care and trust

Although escort agencies still dominate the industry, independent escorts in London are becoming increasingly visible and celebrated for their uniqueness. In part, this is down to a growing number of companions feeling more comfortable in charge of their own schedules and their own screening, meaning that when you meet an independent escort you can feel secure in the knowledge that your date is just as happy to be there as you are. What’s more, independent escorts in London are now building their own networks to support one another, such as Kinky London Escorts, a collective of likeminded independent escorts with a passion for all things kink, and I love introducing friends to clients who I know thy’ll get along with famously.

It’s the little things that count

Finally, as an Independent escort in London I take pride in building strong, genuine connections with my clients, and that starts from knowing that they’ve taken the time to seek me out. I enjoy knowing that my dates are looking to meet an equal, rather than a more cursory encounter. As a result, I love being able to let these connections unfold over time as we get to know one another, and learn exactly what makes the other tick (both in and out of the bedroom). It’s this that I love the most about being an independent – the ability to be selective about who I meet with, to ensure that I leave ever date with a delighted little grin on my face (and hopefully you’ll have one to match)

Our meeting

When it comes to how we spend our time together, the world (and your imagination) is our oyster. I’m just as comfortable lounging in Egyptian cotton as I am awaiting your command on the end of a leash.

We can while away the hours in my Central London apartment, exploring your deepest desires and whispered fantasies. If you prefer to go out, let’s flirt over dinner and drinks before retiring for pudding. As a submissive, I’m especially drawn to kinky encounters, but I also enjoy more languid, intimate GFE experiences.

I play especially well with others, so perhaps we could also invite one of my friends to join our tryst. And if you prefer your flings a little further-flung, I travel internationally to meet foreign lovers.

Aim higher than acronyms. Reject one-size-fits-all, and seek out your equal. Pursue a lover with a mind as sharp as her stilettos and a rebellious streak that’s reserved for those unafraid of it.

2023 — Louisa Knight