Hello dear blog readers, long time no speak. I wish I could pretend I’d been neglecting as I was off living the life of Riley, but it’s January 2021 and no such thing exists any more. Now that we’re out the sourdough and rampant gardening phase of lockdown, a girl’s gotta find something else to do to pass the time, and it just so happened that the wonderful Sienna Hunter invited me and the wonderful Hazel onto her podcast The Escort: Deconstructed to chat about our work as part of the KLE Collective. She had me at the sheer prospect of speaking to someone new and beautiful, let alone about something I’m really delighted to be involved with.

Hazel and I chatted to Sienna about our respective experiences of joining the industry and how the KLE collective came to be, sharing some thoughts about why we find the collective model such a valuable approach for independent companions. We also slightly laid into Louis Theroux. You can listen to the podcast here, and I very much hope you do. Even if to just sustain you with dreams of entanglements with a bevy of KLE babes in the near future.

Stay well! And stay in touch!

2023 — Louisa Knight