Latex Escort

What does latex do? To begin, don’t get your materials confused. Latex is not PVC, plastic, neoprene or spandex. These mediums could be used in part of different fetishes and used in bed, but they are quite different to rubber/latex material.

Wearing tight latex clothes equates to constant light stimulation of your skin. It acts as a second skin of your skin. It magnifies the feel of your own skin. Therefore, your skin through latex feels… well incredible!

Latex creates a small film of sweat between the clothes and the skin, which keeps your skin warm, moist and stimulated.

You may feel somewhat restricted wearing latex, due to the tight, full covering . This also depends on the thickness of the material. Overall, thinner latex is less restricting and your skin is more touch sensitive while thicker latex is less malleable and therefore more restricting and contracting. Deciding between thinner and thicker latex to wear is entirely up to personal preference, as there is no wrong answer!

Skin tight shiny latex clothes look great. By smoothing curves it helps bring out the shape of the body.

Putting latex on and taking it off

Talcum powder

Similar to baby powder, but should be pure talcum, as other chemicals and ingredients could harm the latex. Powder the Talcum inside the clothing, before putting it on. Talcum powder functions like a dry lube and reduces the friction between skin and cloth. This powder is also often used for storing latex clothes, as it prevents latex items from becoming stuck together.

Silicone oil

This is the only kind of oil that doesn’t damage latex. Any other oil will wear down the latex material over time, rendering it useless. Silicone oil is also used as a lubricant and it makes the latex real shiny and reflective. Silicone oil is extremely slippery, so be careful if it is spilled on the floor.


A one-time treatment that can be performed on latex, called chlorination. This process makes the latex less sticky and smooth. The service is often offered by latex manufacturers, but usually it costs extra. Not everyone is a fan of chlorinating their latex, however you will able to put on clothes without any silicone or powder after getting it done. One disadvantage is that chlorination usually reduces the durability of latex a little bit.

Since tight latex is sticky to skin and other clothes, you need some dressing aids

Usually latex is worn for few hours only. Some people, not often, wear them more than 24 hours, but this is definitely an exception to the mean. Time worn also depends on how good the clothing fits. Wrinkles or folds can form if the clothing does not fit perfectly, reduces the overall feel good time in latex.

Since you constantly sweat while wearing latex, washing is compulsory after using. Use warm water together with mild soap that has few ingredients to disrupt the integrity of the latex. Dry it gently with a towel or hang it on a plastic hanger. As it was previously stated, use a little bit of silicone oil or talcum powder to prevent sticking the latex outfit together, before putting it in the closet.

Most wearers of latex already have a preferable dressing aid. The technique of putting on a catsuit is relatively the same to putting on some nylon tights, you roll the legs down and put in a foot gently and roll it up. Patience is a virtue so don’t pull too hard! Latex can absolutely tear if too much force is used.

Do it slowly and watch your finger nails or any other sharp edge. Stretched latex can be easily torn or punctured! Additionally, please avoid longer contact to metals and avoid long UV exposure if possible.

2023 — Louisa Knight