I recently shot some new images with the enviously multi-talented Mistress Elita Darling, and they’re over in my gallery now. Following on from Helmut Newton’s famous edict that “If a photographer says he is not a voyeur, he is an idiot,” we drew inspiration from ideas of voyeurism, exhibitionism and katoptronophilia (10 points if you know what that is without looking it up). I love these photos. Elita shot in black and white, and aesthetically they’re more stripped back and intimate than some of my others. We decided not to retouch them, and to play with the idea that sexy doesn’t always equal ‘perfect’. As a result, they really feel like an authentic representation of me and my sexuality – which is often more raw and urgent than glossy imagery can convey. What’s more, taking these photos was a fairly erotic process in itself. I’ve always relished the idea of exposure and performance, so spending most of the day naked, on all fours, contemplating my reflection in a mirror, was undeniably hot.

On a practical level, I keep my gallery regularly updated as an accurate reflection of what I look like. However, I also enjoy having a variety of images there to represent multiple aspects of myself and my kinks. As most women will tell you, sometimes it’s fun to be the sophisticated femme fatale draped in Balmain. On other occasions, you want to be the glorious slut in thigh high boots, bondage tape, and very little else. Depicting these various aspects of myself feels thrilling, and hopefully demonstrates how empowering it can be to play around with the many presentations of femininity. I’m thrilled Elita was able to capture this so artfully.

As a photographer, collaborator and artist, I can’t sing Elita’s praises enough. Not only does she make unique and arresting work, she also has an insider’s understanding of the industry and a great eye. And as if you needed any further incentive to work with her, you might get to meet her puppy Herbie, the world’s cutest, if cheekiest, little fluffball.

Incidentally, I’m always looking to connect with new photographers – especially those who want to take beautiful yet innovative photos of kink and BDSM. If you’re interested in possible collaborations, do send over your portfolio.

Naked louisa knight in the bathroom, showing off her peachy bum



2023 — Louisa Knight