I don’t always agree with Sigmund Freud, but when it comes to holidays, it seems we’re on the same page. The psychoanalyst and his European colleagues traditionally took the whole of August off, seeing it as a crucial opportunity for those who deal with the emotions of others for a living to take some time for themselves. I’ve often considered the similarities between my work and that of a therapist (a revelation Freud would no no doubt find worthy of investigation), so this year I elected to take the majority of August off to recharge.

I’m so glad I did. I’ve barely unpacked my suitcase, and have had some particularly memorable adventures. These included relaxing poolside and imbibing too much wine and cheese at a friend’s French gîte, slinking about the scorching backstreets of Seville and a hedonistic weekend of orgies in the British countryside.

Alex and I also had the opportunity to travel with a favourite client to Chamonix, where we had a frankly breathtaking time abseiling down waterfalls, paragliding off mountains and indulging in sexual perversity of the highest calibre.

I thought I’d share a few snapshots of the month below, and there are plenty more on both Twitter and Instagram

For those that have missed me, I’m now back in London, and taking bookings from 4th September onwards. After such an extended break, I’m full of Back to School enthusiasm, so get in touch to arrange a meeting.

2023 — Louisa Knight