I’ve always had something of an oral fixation. Bitten lips, murmured confessions, hysterical literature and stolen kisses all drive me wild.  And of course, there are few better things to do with your mouth than communicate with a lover. With that in mind, here’s a brief list of things I love to hear in the bedroom. Or dungeon. Or the back of a limo (you get the idea):

Do you deserve that harder?” – Punish me, then ask me if I deserve more. It’s an easy way to check in during a scene, and makes me an agent of my own demise. Hot.

See all those implements? Pick one‘ – As above, giving me some input into how you’re going to dominate really turns me on. Plus, I’m a fickle creature, and a question like this allows me to chose the sort of impact I’m most in the mood for at that moment.

Have you been bad? Why don’t you tell me?” – Is there anything sexier than filthy language coming out of a respectable, well-spoken girl’s mouth? Well, perhaps, but dirty talk always leaves me feeling incredibly smutty.

So. here’s what’s going to happen” – I enjoy dynamics that include procedure and rules. I like being told what’s going to happen, how I’m going to have to behave and what I can expect if I deviate from these instructions.  Deliver them in a cool, calm voice and I’ll be putty in your hands. Equally, I enjoy dishing the orders out myself from time to time, so let me know if you’d like to switch.

That feels good/great/mind-blowing” (delete as appropriate) – Most of us find giving pleasure pleasurable, so I love it when a partner lets me know that something’s working for them. Hearing someone moan – the kind of uncontrollable, instinctive moan that slips from a person’s lips when they’re on the brink of orgasm – is ferociously sexy and music to my ears.

How do you want to be touched?” – More specific than ‘how does that feel?’ and guaranteed to make me week at the knees. I like to ask my lovers this too, and it’s always extra fun if they’re able to articulate the sort of sensations they enjoy.

You’re not going to come until I say so, are you?” – I adore relinquishing control to a lover, especially control of my orgasms. This question is especially effective when followed by “how much do you want it? Beg me“.

“Bend over” The closest I’ve ever come to a personal mantra and one that never fails to excite me.

“Take your panties off. Now touch yourself” –  Being instructed on how to get myself off whilst someone else (or ideally lots of people) watch is one of my favourite past times, and the x-rated verbal commands are incredibly erotic. The short-but-sweet porno Tape Loop, which I saw at the 2016 Berlin Porn Festival, captured this is a brilliantly unique way.

How was that for you?” – A classic, and still useful. Great chemistry is honed over time, and saving a little time to debrief always ensures that future play is even more electric. Who doesn’t love a little naked forward planning?

Of course, that’s just for starters. If you’re interested in a little more x-rated pillow talk, get in touch.

2023 — Louisa Knight