I’d be lying if I said I didn’t know why I followed her upstairs. Her eyes, so hypnotic and unrelenting when they fixed on me, conveyed almost everything I needed to know. Or rather, they conveyed just enough to make me hungrily curious. Just enough to make me realise I wanted her in the very worst way; that I wanted to do everything she told me. So it came as no real surprise when I found myself trailing behind her when she rose, wordlessly, from the table, and led me to her room.

She told me to shut the door behind me, and her words seem to hang in the silence. My back was turned away from her as I clicked the door handle, and I felt a familiar, dangerous urge pulsing at the edge of my brain – the urge to say yes, to obey, to submit. Gathering myself, I turned to look at her, and was once again struck by her delicate features. Her beauty was so classical and refined, and yet there was something complex and raw just beneath the surface. She had sat on the bed, and, I noticed, her pencil skirt had ridden a little higher up her long legs. She beckoned for me to come and stand before her.

“You’ve wanted this for a while, haven’t you” she asked in a soft lilt, and I felt myself blushing at the clumsy obviousness of my lust. I could only nod, and stare at my feet, attempting to keep my breath level and calm.

“There’s no point trying to hide it from me. I knew I could have you from the first time I saw you. And here we are. Kneel.’

I lowered myself onto my knees in front of her. She sat back, her legs spread open, revealing a flash of alabaster skin at the top of her stockings. Slowly, she reached her manicured hand forward, and slid her finger into my mouth. I looked up, into the gem-like blue of her eyes, and sucked, feeling a sudden twinge at my core. She smiled wickedly.  

She took her finger from between my lips and directed her attention to my blouse, unbuttoning it languidly until my bra was visible.  “Take it off” she instructed, nodding at the black lace confection that my breasts strained against.  I felt a little shiver of expectation dance across my shoulders as I slid my bra off.

Still kneeling in front of her, my now-exposed chest rose and fell rhythmically. She looked down at my breasts; I bit my lip under the heat of her gaze.  She ran her fingers from my neck, down over my breasts and circled my nipples, making me shudder.

She retrieved a set of silver clamps from her dressing table. They were small and elegant but unmistakably vicious. Before me once again, she placed a clip on my left nipple, and then my right. The sharp shock of the pain flooded me immediately and I blinked hard in an effort to control myself. I could feel myself getting wet.

“Does it hurt?”. Her voice was a mocking singsong. “I’ll make you a deal. I’ll take them off, as soon as you make me come. OK?”

“Yes. Please” I said, trying to keep the tremor from my voice.

She stood up. She was wearing perilous spiked heels, and, towering over my half-naked body, she seemed more imposing than ever. She slid her skirt down over her waist, letting it drop to the floor. Underneath were stocking and suspenders, but no panties. Looking up at her, I felt desire flood through me. She knelt down, and, tilting my head up, her lips met mine. Her kiss was searing hot and made my head swim. She tugged firmly on the filigree chain on the clamps, pulling me swiftly out of my reveries and making me yelp with pain.

“We had a deal – remember?”

She lay back on the bed, spreading her legs before me and exposing her cunt. Hungrily, I traced my mouth along her inside thigh, before coming to rest between her legs. My tongue found her clit and worked slowly at first, responding to the gentle thrust of her hips. She tasted like cherries.

As I moved increasingly faster, I heard her breath quicken and her moans become more urgent. My hands gripped her slender hips and I felt her body contract and tighten as she came. The sight of her laid out before me, her body coursing with pleasure, was intoxicating. My own body ached with desire, the sensation duelling against the sharp pain that still shot through my nipples.

She sat up slowly, grinning, her cheeks flushed and glowing. “Very good”, she cooed, before absent-mindedly flicking the chain that hung from my breasts: “I suppose you want these off now?”  

Teasingly, she took both clamps in her fingers, before looking into my eyes for a beat. With swift precision she removed them both simultaneously, and I couldn’t help but yelp with the sudden jolt of pain. “Good girl’, she murmured, stroking my throbbing nipples, “you’re being very well behaved. Stand up, let me get a proper look at you.”

I stood, and at her indication, unzipped my skirt. Underneath I wore only a small black thong that left me feel deliciously exposed. The skin on my haunches prickled as she ran he hand down the curve of my back and over the swell of my arse. Once again I felt a throb of desire between my thighs.

“It’s a beautiful bottom. I’m looking forward to marking it. Now bend over.”

Gingerly, I bent at the middle and placed my hands on her bed, spreading my legs slightly as I knew she’d want. I closed my eyes and felt a shiver of anticipation snake down my spine. The wetness in my knickers was unmistakable now. I saw her reach for a ferocious looking crop, which she swung through the still, heavy air of the room.

“I’m going to thrash you now. I want you to stay still and quiet whilst I do. If you can, when I’m finished, maybe I’ll even let you come. Do you understand?”

I nodded.

“I can’t hear you” she retorted.

“Yes,” I sighed, desperate now to feel the impact of the crop against my pale skin. “Yes. I understand.”

“Then let’s begin” she said.

I exhaled, slow and steady, and waited for my punishment to begin.

2023 — Louisa Knight