Perhaps it had escaped your notice, but I’m kind of kinky. I primarily identify as submissive, but the scales are increasingly swinging more towards switchy-ness – a transition that’s probably the subject of a future blog post all of its own.

Sometimes prospective clients contact me and report an interest in trying BDSM for the first time, which is always an exciting prospect. However, on meeting, they’ll often swiftly confess that kink just isn’t their cup of tea, before looking a bit sheepish and saying they were worried about meeting my deviant ‘standards’. Whilst I’ll admit to finding their belief that I only ever have incredibly hardcore kinky sex rather endearing, I’m quick to reassure them to the contrary.  My love of kink certainly doesn’t preclude an enjoyment of ‘vanilla’ sex too, although I do take umbrage with the rather reductive term ‘vanilla’, and the implication that it’s somehow less thrilling than BDSM play.

In truth, like most of us, I enjoy variety. Yes, I enjoy spanking and impact and bondage and roleplay and everything in between, but I also enjoy so much else. I enjoy slow, languid morning sex full of passionate kisses and teasing fingertips. I enjoy pushing up my skirt and bending over the kitchen counter for an urgent quickie before heading out to dinner, then later trying to contain my blushes at the memory. I enjoy bunking off work and retiring to a hotel, surrendering to decadence in beautiful white cotton sheets, all the while fuelled by champagne and room service. I enjoy fun, light hearted sex, where you find yourselves giggling with the delight and silliness of rolling around naked like teenagers. I enjoy sex in nature, sex in groups and uncomplicated, animalistic fucking. I love all these things, and don’t consider any of them less exciting or sophisticated than kink. On the contrary, all these various sexual modes offset each other perfectly – and reflect the multiplicity of my desire.

If you’ve previously been reticent about contacting me because you think I’m just interested in kink, think again. My sexual appetites are abundant, and I’m always delighted to share their different facets with a lover.


2023 — Louisa Knight