I’ve just shot some rather gorgeous new content featuring exquisite pastel latex from one of my favourite designers, William Wilde. I’ve always loved latex. It’s not a material one takes lightly, and there’s an undeniably ritualistic component to getting dressed in it. You need to prepare yourself before you put it on, anointing you skin to ensure it lies smoothly against you. Once you’re encased in it, you shine it up to reflective perfection. At the beginning, latex initially feels unyielding – cold and unfamiliar against the warmth of your body, restricting your breath and movement in a way that is part bondage, part deportment training.

Yet once it’s on – once you have adjusted your posture to these new restrictions – it becomes like a second skin. It begins to move with you, and to accentuate your every curve. In it, I feel like a synthesis of historic, corseted femininity and something altogether more futuristic: A Stepford Wife from another interplanetary dimension.

Within a BDSM context, latex is so often shot through a particular lens: Industrial, severe, aggressive . It is frequently used to symbolise power and domination, which it does, it can do, but here I wanted to present another side of it. Moving away from the darker palette of traditional kink attire, I styled this in babygirl pastel colours, offset with a flash of Louboutin red. We opted for soft lighting and flowing movement, giving the latex a sinewy, organic appearance. It plays with sound, featuring music by Sylvan Esso, a favourite of mine, featuring synths that sound almost like trickling water. There’s no nudity here (I know, I know, I’m as shocked as you are), just suggestion, which feels all the more tantalising as a result.

The stills were shot by Muto Designs, who I’d recommend unreservedly for their professionalism, creativity and warmth. My videographer is just getting setting up, but will be launching online soon. I’m so thrilled with what we made together, so colleagues, do feel free to get in touch if you’d like his details. The promo is below and the new images can be found in my gallery. Enjoy



2023 — Louisa Knight