Who doesn’t enjoy link round ups? Especially those featuring yours truly and some of my favourite friends. In case you missed them, here’s some new reading material for you insatiable lot:

I spoke to Strategist about how to find the perfect condom for every size, shape and proclivity;

My favourite femme fatale Valerie August spoke to New York Mag about the best non-vibrating toys (and trust me, she’s an authority);

Flame haired vixen Amelia Swann wrote a fantastic piece for Slutever on sex work, fat and body positivity;

Indomitable pornographer Vex Ashley of A Four Chambered Heart captured the mood of the moment in this eloquent look at censorship and sexual expression in the age of SESTA ;

On this topic, the ever-brilliant Liara Roux is quoted in this blog about the ways new legislation put sex workers’ lives at risk. Necessary reading.

What have you all enjoyed recently? Head over to twitter to share your faves.




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