If you’re interested in having better sex (and who isn’t, frankly), you might like to read my thoughts on the matter in this Vice article.  In it, I talk about porn, sex drive, group sex, BDSM and non monogamy, as well as debunking the myth that great lovers know automatically what their partner wants:

“We’ve got so much obsession as a culture with the idea that good sex happens silently and immediately, and that you can just read each other’s minds and know instinctively what each other wants,” says Louisa. “Then we think that if you can’t do that you’re not sexually compatible. But that’s just not how it works.”

I’m passionate about communication, consent and sexual wellbeing, and endeavour to incorporate them into my sessions. I’m also always happy to chat further about these subjects with my clients, so get in touch if you’d like to discover more. And until then, happy reading.

2023 — Louisa Knight