As you may have deduced from my Friends Page, I’m something of a social creature. One of the joys of being a professional escort is that it affords me the opportunity to forge new connections with people I might otherwise not have crossed paths with. To my mind, there are few more pleasurable ways to do this than through good conversation over dinner and drinks – allowing you both the chance to delve a little deeper, begin to discover what makes the other tick, and flirt a little (OK, a lot).

It’s for this reason that I ask that dates of 3+ hours include some time outside the bedroom – precisely so that we can both savour the thrill of an intellectual connection, and experience the heightened anticipation born of coquettish glances over martini glasses. I’m often asked about my favourite locations for tête-à-têtes of this nature, and I’m pretty spoiled for choice in Central London. A few of my preferred restaurants for dinner dates are as follows:

For drinks I like:

Of course, these are just a few – the world’s our oyster when it comes to how we spend our time (if it’s oysters you’re after, try Randall and Aubin). If you’re travelling to London and looking for a companion to explore the city with, I’m always delighted to recommend places for us to spend social time together – whether for food, drink or something cultural. Do get in touch and let’s plan our liaison.

2023 — Louisa Knight