On a recent hotel outcall, halfway through beating a gentleman’s bottom with my favourite paddle, I caught a glimpse of myself in a well-positioned mirror and noticed a huge grin plastered across my face. This was  an especially gratifying moment.  Until recently I’ve been very firmly of the submissive persuasion, and have often found taking a dominant role something of a challenge.  It seems, however, that the tide might be changing.

I’m drawn to submission because it’s the absolute reverse of my everyday life. As my friends will tell you, outside of bedroom I’m assertive, independent and eternally busy. However, when it comes to more personal encounters I take a particular pleasure in leaving those aspects of myself at the door and letting someone else run the show for once. For many of us (myself included) our sex lives provide an opportunity to explore those elements of ourselves that we keep hidden in public. For me, that means letting go, abdicating control and focusing exclusively on physical sensation.

That being said, I’m delighted to report that I’m increasingly curious about donning my latex and flexing my muscles as a Mistress. I find the trust that a submissive is willing to place in me incredibly erotic, and toying with that new power dynamic excites me hugely.

Exploring the line between pleasure and pain is also proving very fun indeed. Take it from me, there’s something intoxicatingly delicious about inching towards your play partner’s limits and watching them squirm. So much so, I’ve caught myself staring out the window daydreaming about cruel and unusual punishments on more than once occasion recently. Bondage, corporal punishment, humiliation, CBT – there’s just so much scope for reminding naughty boys exactly who’s in charge.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been spending too much time with delectable switches like Kinky Alex and Deviant Eve, both of whom have told me how exciting it is being able to bring that dual energy to a session. Playing with a switch adds a particular frisson, as there’s always the possibility that the tables might turn. And of course, having been on the receiving end of various punishments, switches are uniquely qualified to dish it out themselves. Both Alex and Eve are exceptional switches (and absurdly sexy) and come very highly recommended indeed. And just in case you can’t tell, I take particular pleasure in duos with them both.  

What’s so enticing about our desires is how mutable they are. They evolve and develop with us, and exploring a previously-undiscovered kink can lead to heady new thrills and connections. I’m still very much a submissive at heart, but I’m fascinated by the way my more dominant alter-ego has emerged of late. It just goes to show how varied sexual expression can be.   

I’m excited to see where these new inclinations take me. Perhaps you’d like to come along for the ride? Do get in touch to discuss domination, switching and anything in-between.

2023 — Louisa Knight