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Luxury in West London

West London luxury escorts like myself are the best in the business when it comes to realizing your deepest fantasies. Although you may initially say that getting a luxury escort in West London doesn’t sound exciting, you’ll definitely be inclined to tell all of your friends about it after our experience.

Speaking on physical attractiveness, luxury escorts in West London are the cream of the crop. Obviously, you want to have an unforgettable experience with an attractive woman and West London is a hotbed location. If you have an affinity for showing your wealth and power, find me your kinky West London escort and watch how everyone marvels at us on our date. You don’t have to worry about my intelligence either. As a West London escort I am charming, well mannered, educated and most importantly willing and ready to participate in a sophisticated conversation with you or your friends and business partners.

How We Meet

If you want to spend the night with a beautiful lady in a restaurant or a bar, let’s explore together. Maybe you’d rather prefer spending a quiet night with me exploring this city with lots of history. In addition to being beautiful, I am extensively smart and knowledgeable the history of this city. Feel free to spend a romantic evening with me by the river and learn something about English culture and the profound history of London.

Most people don’t know that when you get a luxury London escort like myself it’s all about you and I am always focused on making you feel comfortable and relaxed. You just need to pick up your phone to call or email me about discussing a potential meet-up in the future!

Our meeting

When it comes to how we spend our time together, the world (and your imagination) is our oyster. I’m just as comfortable lounging in Egyptian cotton as I am awaiting your command on the end of a leash.

We can while away the hours in my Central London apartment, exploring your deepest desires and whispered fantasies. If you prefer to go out, let’s flirt over dinner and drinks before retiring for pudding. As a submissive, I’m especially drawn to kinky encounters, but I also enjoy more languid, intimate GFE experiences.

I play especially well with others, so perhaps we could also invite one of my friends to join our tryst. And if your prefer your flings a little further-flung, I travel internationally to meet foreign lovers.

Will you take my privacy seriously?

My entire professional reputation relies upon my discretion, so rest assured I take our mutual privacy very seriously. I will only ever ask for screening information as means of ensuring my well-being, If you have particular data protection concerns, I’d recommend making contact using a secure service like Shazzle Mail or Protonmail.

I know that our meeting will be even more memorable if we can both fully relax in each others’ company — if we feel mutually safe and trusting . If you’re concerned about running into acquaintances whilst we’re in public, I can recommend plenty of dark corners for us to spend an evening in. Or there’s always room service.

Can we correspond over email in advance?

If you’d like to get in touch (and I very much hope you do), we’ll exchange several emails about the sort of experience you’re looking for, as well the practical arrangements. However, I don’t enter into long email or text conversations beyond this, as frankly I prefer the pleasures of the flesh to those of the screen. Do have a look at my blog if you’re interested in my longer form writing or my twitter if you prefer something short and sweet.

Do you only do kink?

Life would be rather boring if we only stuck to one thing in bed. Whilst I’m undeniably partial to BDSM, I also genuinely enjoy more ‘vanilla’ encounters, and sessions of a GFE nature. For me, it’s variety that keeps sex exhilarating, and you can read more about this here.

I see you’re not on AdultWork – why not?

Sites such as Adultwork are at odds with my preferred way of working. My client list is extremely selective. I receive a high volume of enquiries, but chose to meet with a select few. These tend to be people that have sought me out directly. This ensures that I see clients that I believe I will have a genuine connection with, who are looking for something unique, and who I know are happy to comply with my safety protocols. As a result, Adultwork’s just not for me right now.

Can I buy you a gift?

I’d love that! Whilst never expected, gifts are always guaranteed to leave a smile on my face. My favourite tipples are champagne and artisanal gin, and my favourite flowers are peonies. If you’d like a little more guidance, my gift guide can be found here

Do you have any friends that could join us?

Most definitely. Threesomes and group sex hold a particular charge for me, especially when it comes to kink scenes. You can read more about my friends and preferred play partners here. Also, if you’ve previously met with any of my friends (or any other independent providers for that matter), do let me know so I can contact them for a reference. I always prioritise clients that are able to provide these.

Do you have any tattoos or other distinguishing features?

No tattoos and only small piercings (single studs in my ears). I prefer more of an ‘all natural’ aesthetic, and haven’t had any cosmetic surgery. I don’t tend to wear heavy make up, and prefer something chic yet understated. However, I do enjoying vamping things up a little more if a lover enjoys a bolder look, so feel free to ask.

How much notice do you need in advance of a meeting

Whilst this rather varies depending on commitments such as travel, my diary tends to be full at least two weeks ahead. Advance notice is a form of foreplay in my books.

Do you *party*?

For the uninitiated, this is a euphemism for drug usage. I don’t use drugs with my clients, and ask that you don’t arrive to our session under the influence – although if you want to use poppers, that’s absolutely fine. For reference, I don’t smoke cigarettes either. The occasional cigar, on the other hand, is always a treat.

Can I see a list of services that you provide?

Every session I provide is bespoke and forged from personal chemistry. As such, I don’t publish a check-list or menu of activities for clients to pick from. If you’re seeking a more cursory encounter of this nature, I’m probably not the provider for you, especially as my minimum date length is 2 hours. Furthermore, some of the services I offer are discretionary, so it’s best to contact me directly to discuss what you’re looking for.

Where will we meet?

If we’re meeting for an incall, I’ll host you at my apartment in central London. It’s slap bang in the middle of one of the busiest parts of the capital, so very convenient to access; there’s no wandering down badly-lit alleyways or long hotel corridors. Once away from the hustle and bustle of Soho, I’ll whisk you into a space that is elegant, clean and calm. It’s also full of toys, kinky equipment and lingerie for us to pass the time with, although if you’re after more specialist kink furniture, let’s discuss visiting a dungeon.

What do you enjoy?

A very good question indeed. I’m always thrilled to discuss my own kinks and desires, and to guide a lover in what gives me pleasure. Sessions with me are also an occasion for my clients to give their own sexual needs the singular attention they deserve, and I find facilitating this especially satisfying. Feeling desired, and knowing I’m fulfilling a lover’s fantasy, really excites me too.

Are you real?

Existential, I like it. I appreciate that one ought to keep an eye out for catfish in this day and age, but rest assured, I’m genuine. You can check my twitter for selfies and updates, and you’ll see from my Friends Page that I’m fortunate enough to keep company with a host of other independent providers.

I have a rather specific fetish, Is that something we can explore?

Absolutely. I’m always excited to hear from clients with particular or unusual fetishes. In the past, I’ve met with clients who have fetishes for things such as objects, clothing, body parts, sensations or memories – fetishism is a broad church. Maybe you’re aroused by things such as tickling, cross-dressing, watersports or smoking. Whatever you enjoy, rest assured, I’m unshockable, and always keen to learn more about different facets of human sexuality.

Do you see couples?

Sometimes. I love playing with couples, but only do so when I’m confident that both parties are equally eager to be there. If that’s you, wonderful, I can’t wait to hear from you.

I’m a journalist/blogger, can I interview you?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I am really selective about media. If you have a proven track record of writing intelligently about sex, sex work and kink, absolutely, feel free to get in touch with examples of your past work and a brief outline of the piece. If you’re looking to write the same old article about high class escorts and sexual empowerment, I’m not the contributor for you.

Do you ever tour?

I’m rather besotted with London, so tend to pass my time here. However, I tour occasionally, and post updates on my twitter. accordingly And of course, for those that prefer immediate gratification, there’s always the option to fly me to you, or jetting off somewhere tropical and secluded together. I’ll bring a bikini and those little cocktail umbrellas.

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