I’m a sociable girl, and there are few things I love more than playing with other beautiful perverts. Luckily for you, I know more than my fair share. There’s something undeniably decadent about threesomes and group sex, and they’re often the environment in which I’m most inclined to debauchery. But then, with friends like these, who can blame me?

Valerie August

Whip-smart and uninhibited, Valerie is all woman. A fusion of British wit and continental flirtation, she’s a copper-brunette bombshell in a tight red dress, complete with hypnotic smile, poised confidence and a fondness for kinky misbehaviour. London & Worldwide.

Emma Emerio

Emma is a high-end companion based in London. Disarmingly charming and affectionate, she is the perfect combination of a prestigious university education and modelesque looks

Anya Amasova

Anya’s your very own blonde bond girl. Russian seductress and Luxury BDSM playmate in London.

Mistress Elita Darling

An educated and traditional Mistress, with a talent for firm discipline. I take great delight in submitting to such a fearsome English rose.

Rosalie O’Connor

The stunning Rosalie is a cheeky, sensual bundle of fun with a very sexy (Irish!) accent and an attitude to match it.

Poppy Fox

Poppy Fox of London is a playful, effervescent and lascivious companion, offering an unforgettable girlfriend experience and professional submissive services. As addictive as her namesake, her boundless energy and insatiable appetite for debauchery will take your breath away

Ivy Grace

Curvy, tall & witty, Ivy’s smile disarms at twenty paces, the swollen sway of her hips at ten. A keen conversationist & master seducer, this London lady has many a worldly whim. Demure or demanding, charming or absolute, she’s made for making memories.

Faye Summers

Faye Summers is the triple threat that you always wanted but never knew you needed. American born but British influenced, this statuesque beauty has the poise and grace to wow a crowd as well as the skill and experience to dominate in private. Available in London and worldwide.

Alicia Darling

Alicia is a London based professional switch, luxury companion and all around bad influence. A classic case of a good girl gone bad, Alicia is all too happy to lead you astray.

Nicolette Bond

Nicolette is your luxury libertine and petite kink companion in Europe and travelling worldwide.

Amelia Swann

Amelia is a curvaceous redheaded companion, with extreme proportions and a spirit to match her hair. Based in London, she is a professional switch harbouring an obsession for kink, corsetry, and classic glamour.

Robin Ardeur

A passionate and intuitive player with years of personal and professional experience, Robin is based in New York and London by appointment.

Carla James

Carla James is an elite private companion with a perfect hourglass figure and a wicked imagination. Friendly, sophisticated and always naughty.

Amber Ashton

Amber is an intelligent ebony minx with silky smooth skin and perfect curves. Available internationally.

Lucy Carter

Lucy is a kinky little temptress with an appetite for BDSM, role play and wanton encounters. A switch of the highest calibre, her bottom is just perfect for spanking, but she can give as good as she gets. Lose / discover yourself in her.

Suzie Blue

A venus flytrap in furs. Suzie Blue is a woman who knows how to take what she wants. She slips between both dominant and submissive roles but it’s chemistry that inspires her the most. Suzie is always chasing new adventures, and moves between worlds with ease: galleries and gig venues, dungeons and suites. Let her lead you astray. Based between London and Berlin.

Ophelia Wilde

Ophelia Wilde is an NYC-based intellectual sparring partner, dynamic conversationalist, and all around compelling distraction. A true triple threat (busty, brainy, brunette), Ophelia is the ultimate GFE daydream.

Amber Bowen

Amber is San Francisco’s Bubble Bath personified. Giggly and coy she is sure to win you over with her sunny disposition and bright eyed, bushy tailed view of life. An avid traveler it’s wise to keep an eye on where she may pop up next or ask her to join us on our next adventure!

Harley Stone

Harley Stone, Toronto’s sauciest french-canadian ambassador.
​From a petite frame with a beautiful derrière and sweet face comes a hidden trove of delightful sauce that can ramp up the naughty play after sauntering back from dinner to rumple the sheets.

Erin Paige

Erin is your corrupted sweetheart – an affectionate, playful and charming English girl with a filthy mind and a penchant for both submission and domination. Tall and perfectly curvy, with naturally long blonde hair and full lips, she is made for hedonism and intimacy. Available in London and worldwide

Phoebe Huxley

Phoebe Huxley is a tall and curvaceous escort providing a sensual oasis in London. Lose yourself in intensely indulgent and genuine intimacy that you’ll be replaying in your mind all week.

Jessa Jones

Jessa is your alternative English Rose and professional switch. A specialist in playing with power, she is just at home building atmospheres of seduction across dinner tables as she is exploring the more perverted side of life in suites and dungeons alike. Jessa is based in London and travels Worldwide.

Charlotte Fitzgerald

Charlotte’s copper hair, model-like figure, and impeccable style turn heads wherever she goes. Beneath that, you’ll find her to be a total sweetheart. While most would never guess it from her poised exterior, behind closed doors she is a perfect tease and possesses a hedonistic side and penchant for adventure, making her the perfect accomplice for our next escapade. She’s based in New York

Risqué Rebecca

Rebecca is an ardent fan of all things culture, a classically trained musician, a published writer and a young accomplished Singaporean beauty with brains who is often found traveling the world. The escape from the everyday, she is the dynamic and consummate companion for all sorts of exciting plans in and out of the boudoir!

Marla Lyons

Marla puts it best herself: “I was lucky enough to meet the wickedly darling Louisa Knight on a trip to London, and I’ve been eagerly anticipating our reunion ever since”.

Amy Blakely

Amy Blakely is a delicate, feminine, all-natural companion, welcoming quality connections with like-minded gentleman. Desire the extraordinary, and covet Amy…your consort in pursuit of bliss. Based in London.

Anna Alba

Anna is a sophisticated and adventurer companion based in Barcelona and a frequent visitor in NYC and London. She is a petite pale beauty with a wicked smile, bright green eyes and a fine sense of humour. Beware, she is addictive..

Darla Blake

Tall, beautiful and well educated, this ex catholic school girl is here to bring all of your most exquisite fantasies to life. A perfect cocktail of coquettishness and complete abandon, London’s Darla Blake will become your new obsession.


A London based professional escort, switch and enchantress with dangerous curves, a mischievous streak and a passion for exploring the kinkier side of life – come join Sapphire on her exploits and follow your desires.

Scarlett May

Scarlett is an Australian independent switch based in London. She loves giving and receiving humiliation, and especially enjoys role plays … the more taboo the better. She offers a safe and non-judgemental space for you to explore your true desires.

Kinky London Escorts

Love hurts. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Catering to high calibre perverts, we’re thrilled to invite you into the domain of London’s leading independent kinky companions. Specialising in every shade of BDSM, we’re an irresistible cabal of dominants, submissives and switches.

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