On being good

What is it that compels us to be ‘good’? If you ask the moral philosophers, you’ll get a range of answers – from the simple following of a set of commandments to the idea that you should maximise happiness when you’re deciding how to act. But on an individual level, the answer often comes from […]

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On looking (and not touching)

As children, we’re taught it’s rude to stare, the implication being that to look for too long is vulgar, even invasive. “Visibility,” Foucault stated famously, “is a trap,” and it’s a fact now universally accepted that a person is weakened, rendered almost powerless by their having been seen. This opinion has always struck me (for […]

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On denial

You don’t need a degree in psychoanalysis to know we human beings are programmed to want what we cannot have. Denial is its own heat source, a generator of acute, erotic energy. And yet it is more complicated than mere refusal, and can arrive to us in many forms. “They call it longing,” a poet […]

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On snapshots

Seeking something to distract you from a grey Monday morning? Can I recommend the brand new photos by the wonderful Studio St Germain over in my gallery (and with a glimpse below)? It was an absolute pleasure working with Lizzy, whose fashion background really caught my eye. Not only is her composition exceptional, but our shoot […]

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On laughter

One lesson firmly instilled in me by my dashing school music tutor was: even if you make a mistake, never stop playing. As I got older, fumbling my way through various sexual encounters, I realised this was a useful refrain in more situations than simply clarinet recitals. Things go wrong in sex all the time; […]

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On kicks

I’m a sucker for synths. And for love songs. So really I was looking for any excuse to roll around in sneakers and lingerie listening to 10cc. This little promo, which I’m calling Kicks for the aforementioned footwear, is the outcome. One for all the other lovers of synths and naked girls out there. Unsurprisingly, […]

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Kinky international escort Lousia Knight reclines poolside in a bikini

On the agenda

Having emerged, blinking, from the British Library after completing a big piece of post-graduate work, I’ve been gleefully catching up on the content I missed during my time as an academic anchorite. I thought I’d share a few of the more interesting ones, before picking up my adventures as a kinky escort right where I […]

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international kinky GFE escort Louisa Knight poses amongst flowers

On holiday

I went on a sun-drenched trip to Andalusia with some of my most gorgeous friends, and all I got was a stunning set of photos by Lupa Vaux, and a few more by Amelia Swann. Quite the adventure. They’re over in my gallery, have a peak. Then if you’re feeling inspired to lounge around in […]

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On sleaze

Why is it that the seediest encounters are often the most erotic? This thought struck my mind one night in Berlin, backing my way into a dark, dirty corner of Berghain with a partner, ready to let loose on each other after hours pumping ourselves up on the dance floor. While the throb of techno […]

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Kinky london escort Louisa Knight reclines in black lace lingerie

On revelations

A someone who enjoys taking their clothes off, I spend rather a lot of time preoccupied with the process itself. I’m intrigued by the power imbued in the ways in which we can make the transition from being fully clothed, to a state of undress. Roland Barthes believed the striptease to be something of a […]

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Kinky london submissive escort Louisa Knight kneels naked in a pool

On sparks

I travel, frequently. As a matter of fact, I’m writing this blog post poolside in Andalusia. A consequence of this jet-setting is often finding myself alone, in a strange place, with time to kill and nothing but my own imagination to keep me company. Sometimes, I realise I’m less alone than I think; it’s in […]

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International kinky companion louisa knight poses in a black silk slip, showing off her pert breasts

On reading material

Who doesn’t enjoy link round ups? Especially those featuring yours truly and some of my favourite friends. In case you missed them, here’s some new reading material for you insatiable lot: I spoke to Strategist about how to find the perfect condom for every size, shape and proclivity; My favourite femme fatale Valerie August spoke […]

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International kinky companion louisa knight poses in black silk pyjamas, showing off her peachy bottom

On shame

I am erotically obsessed with shame. Shame – the emotion that Silvan S. Tomkins defined as one of the primary ‘negative affects’ – is a uniquely physical thing. Shame is felt in the pit of your stomach, and is often manifested through blushes, prickling skin and an increased awareness of the body. Unlike other negative […]

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On film

Just in time for my 27th birthday last week, I chopped off some of my hair and decided it was time for some new pictures to reflect the change. I’d also been looking to shoot with the wonderful Jennifer from Run Deep for a while, and this seemed like the ideal opportunity. I’ve never made any […]

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Kinky London escort and submissive Louisa Knight reclines naked on the stairs, wearing only stockings

On the city

There is a side of the city you will not be able to see until you have done this job. There is a whole separate world mapped alongside the one you occupied before; the city and its double, revealed to you only gradually as you wind your way down another heavy-carpeted hallway in a luxury […]

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Kinky London escort Louisa Knight drenched in pink neon and a corset

On neon

It was Foucault that posited that power would eventually be located in “just the inspecting gaze”, and as an exhibitionist, there always been something thrilling in playing with notions of performance, spectacle and voyeurism. These ideas inspired my latest teaser, a neon-drenched homage to Tokyo Decadence and the all-seeing eye of the surveillance (or selfie) […]

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kinky London escort Louisa Knight poses in the window wearing soft cream lingerie

On feedback

I’ve always been a little ambivalent about review culture. This may be the age of Uber ratings and Trip Advisor stars, but when it comes to something as subjective as desire, overly-simplistic definitions of ‘positive’ vs ‘negative’ seem wholly inadequate. This uncertainty prevails in parts of the adult industry, with colleagues of mine have written […]

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Kinky independent escort Louisa Knight reclines on a pink sofa in a black thong body suit

On boundaries

As a BDSM practitioner, few things make me more sceptical than when a lover tells me they have “no boundaries”. As part of the negotiation and communication that I do with anyone I play with, I like to have a candid conversation about our mutual desires and preferences, and boundaries form a crucial part of that. It’s […]

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On latex

I’ve just shot some rather gorgeous new content featuring exquisite pastel latex from one of my favourite designers, William Wilde. I’ve always loved latex. It’s not a material one takes lightly, and there’s an undeniably ritualistic component to getting dressed in it. You need to prepare yourself before you put it on, anointing you skin to ensure […]

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On film

Due to a slight ongoing technical issue, my promo videos aren’t functioning my gallery currently. Rather than deny you all these visuals, as an interim measure, you can see them all below. I’ll be refreshing my site in early 2018 (along with even more new content), so we should be back up and running then. […]

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GFE independent companion Louisa Knight in lingerie, fixing her stockings

On Exposure

When you’re a receptionist at your husband’s office, you don’t see much glamour. But the newest client was a rare exception. I drank her in as she leaned over my desk, signing a cheque. In her red lipstick and white fur coat, she was a raven-haired vision. “Is it real?” I said. “The fur?” She […]

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On hunger

Even before I saw it, I knew it was from you. It was on the doorstep, when I got home from work: a brown box, with my name written on it. I opened it in the kitchen, pulling at layers of tissue, my breath coming fast. I’d been denying myself—no sex for weeks, not even […]

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On glimpses

For those of you of an aesthetic persuasion, i’ve just added some new images to my gallery. I’ll let them speak for themselves, but I wanted to create some photos that included both the polished, formal sexiness of lingerie, along with the more casual ‘t shirt and white panties’ look that I feel most relaxed in. They’re full of […]

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Kinky escort Louisa Knight reclines in a hotel, wrapped up in white sheets and wearing stockings and suspenders

On play spaces

Commercial dungeons are an endangered species in London right now. With fetish spaces like Murder Mile and The Hoist recently shutting up shop, it’s increasingly difficult to find stylish, suitable spaces for indulging your kinks. However, hope is not lost for those of us with more niche tastes. As someone who spends rather a lot […]

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Kinky escort louisa Knight reclines naked

On voyeurism

I recently shot some new images with the enviously multi-talented Mistress Elita Darling, and they’re over in my gallery now. Following on from Helmut Newton’s famous edict that “If a photographer says he is not a voyeur, he is an idiot,” we drew inspiration from ideas of voyeurism, exhibitionism and katoptronophilia (10 points if you know what that […]

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Kinky escort Louisa Knight reclined on a sofa in a tight grey mini dress during international travel

On the new girl

Perhaps I should blame it on the new promo, but increasingly I’ve found myself a little overwhelmed by enquiries from prospective lovers.  This is, of course, always a rather nice problem to have, but to be frank, it’s not the admin side of things that I enjoy the most about my job. For me, the pleasures of the flesh are far […]

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Submissive escort Louisa Knight opens a briefcase with a manicured hand

On office politics

I’ve made a new promo, Office Politics, which you can watch here. Produced by the brilliant Duke, it features a guest appearance by the divine Mistress Elita. In it, I’m a wayward secretary summoned to the boardroom for punishment. But before my ferocious boss Elita arrives, my imagination runs riot. It’s inspired by my own particular love […]

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Kinky pet play submissive louisa as a bunny, wearing a collar, butt plug harness

On Dazed & Confused

Did you catch my interview with Gareth May in Dazed Digital? We chatted about pro kink, submission vs domination, and the cultural framing of sex work. Here’s a snippet of me talking about the space of kink sessions: “A pro-submissive session is similar to what’s happening when you go to see immersive theatre or performance […]

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Image of international escort Louisa Knight on the beach

On looking

Just in time for the bank holiday, I’ve updated my gallery with new photos taken in LA – some from the beach and others from the boudoir. I hope you enjoy. And if you made it this far without clicking the link and heading straight to the visuals, give yourself a cookie, and enjoy this […]

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On communication

As you may have seen me discussing on Twitter last week, communication is at the heart of my work as a professional submissive. This applies just as much in the bedroom as it does out of it, and it’s for this reason that I spend a fair amount of time talking with lovers about our meeting in […]

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Bisexual girlfriends Alex Rayne and Louisa Knight as a french maid for a BDSM roleplay and threesome

On girl on girl

Have you seen these photos of me and Alex let loose in a country estate yet? She played the mistress of the house and I was an errant housemaid (and stable girl) that kept finding herself distracted by those gorgeous tattoos. Feast your eyes on the images below, then come and play with us. We like sharing.

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On Threesomes

Isn’t it great when all your girlfriends are smoking hot babes that are excellent at sex? No need to answer, it’s hardly a moot point. One of my greatest joys is playing with others, and to that end, I’ve updated my friends page, to include = the divine Evelyn Greene. Also after several months of jet-setting, […]

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On better sex

If you’re interested in having better sex (and who isn’t, frankly), you might like to read my thoughts on the matter in this Vice article.  In it, I talk about porn, sex drive, group sex, BDSM and non monogamy, as well as debunking the myth that great lovers know automatically what their partner wants: “We’ve got so […]

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On selections

Whilst away in the countryside this weekend, and after unpacking a suitcase full of kinky accoutrement, my companion challenged me to select my five must-have ‘desert island’ bedroom accessories.  I wouldn’t exactly call myself a minimalist, but there was something quite appealing about the notion of streamlining my equipment in advance of being marooned on a hypothetical […]

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On Variety

Perhaps it had escaped your notice, but I’m kind of kinky. I primarily identify as submissive, but the scales are increasingly swinging more towards switchy-ness – a transition that’s probably the subject of a future blog post all of its own. Sometimes prospective clients contact me and report an interest in trying BDSM for the first […]

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On the Menu

As you may have deduced from my Friends Page, I’m something of a social creature. One of the joys of being a professional escort is that it affords me the opportunity to forge new connections with people I might otherwise not have crossed paths with. To my mind, there are few more pleasurable ways to do […]

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On Novelty

New year, new photos. Have you checked out my updated gallery yet? I hope you enjoy them. This is the first of several updates to come this year, so keep your eyes peeled for further salacious imagery. And just for you blog readers, here’s an out-take of me goofing about in the shower in between […]

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On Fantasies pt. II

When my husband first suggested we visit a therapist together, I was initially reticent. The idea of sharing personal, intimate thoughts and feelings with a stranger filled me with uncertainty. But after some gentle persuasion, I found myself sat in the stark, yet chic office of Dr Alex Rayne. She was far younger than I’d anticipated, […]

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GFE English escort Louisa Knight with natural breasts looking into a mirror

On oral fixations

I’ve always had something of an oral fixation. Bitten lips, murmured confessions, hysterical literature and stolen kisses all drive me wild.  And of course, there are few better things to do with your mouth than communicate with a lover. With that in mind, here’s a brief list of things I love to hear in the bedroom. […]

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Orgies and Perversity - Louisa Knight

On Back to School

I don’t always agree with Sigmund Freud, but when it comes to holidays, it seems we’re on the same page. The psychoanalyst and his European colleagues traditionally took the whole of August off, seeing it as a crucial opportunity for those who deal with the emotions of others for a living to take some time for […]

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On Visuals

So, I made a little promo. It features me writhing around in various states of undress and showing off some of my favourite toys. It plays with some rather slinky music, for those of you sneaking a peak in the office, so plug in your headphones. Full screen viewing is most definitely advised. Enjoy x  

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On Advice

When it comes to my sexuality, I’ve always relished new experiences, and discovering previously-unexplored desires. It therefore brings me constant delight to return the favour, and facilitate new experiences for my clients, especially those of a decidedly kinky bent. I find sessioning with newbies really sexy (I can’t help but enjoy the feeling of corrupting them..), as […]

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On Fantasies

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t know why I followed her upstairs. Her eyes, so hypnotic and unrelenting when they fixed on me, conveyed almost everything I needed to know. Or rather, they conveyed just enough to make me hungrily curious. Just enough to make me realise I wanted her in the very […]

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On Influences

I am often asked, by friends and lovers alike, if I have always known I was kinky. It rarely comes as a surprise to either group when I say yes. As far back as I remember, I’ve always been intrigued by esoteric fantasies, desires and proclivities. As an adolescent, this intrigue developed into a more […]

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On Resolutions

2015’s been good to me. I’ve moved to a beautiful new flat in the West End, embarked on post-graduate study, been on international adventures and met some wonderful new people. In the interests of making the forthcoming year even better than the last, I though I’d share a few of my resolutions for 2016. I’ve never […]

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On Daydreams

It’s a beautiful sunny day, yet I find myself stuck on a stuffy train, delayed for far too long in the middle of the English countryside. The carriage is silent, save for the tinny hiss of music seeping out from someone’s headphones. My fellow passengers wear that familiar, resigned expression beloved by commuters – downturned […]

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On Normality

“The only normal people”, the old quotes goes, “are the ones you don’t know very well”. Never a truer word was spoken. People often ask me if their particular kink is ‘normal’. Sometimes they fret about whether they’re unusual in comparison to my other clients.  Perhaps they imagine I have some Blue Peter-style barometer of aberrance hidden in my wardrobe, […]

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Kinky london escort Louisa Knight poses in purple lingerie and ankle cuffs

A brief update

As some of you may know, trying to get a daytime appointment with me mid-week is more difficult than being sat in-between Angela Merkel and Yanis Varoufakis at a dinner party. Due to other, more traditional work commitments, I’ve always seen clients around my 9-5, which has resulted in some rather complicated scheduling on my part, and somewhat frustrating availability. […]

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Switching it up

On a recent hotel outcall, halfway through beating a gentleman’s bottom with my favourite paddle, I caught a glimpse of myself in a well-positioned mirror and noticed a huge grin plastered across my face. This was  an especially gratifying moment.  Until recently I’ve been very firmly of the submissive persuasion, and have often found taking a dominant […]

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BDSM escort Louisa Knight in lingerie with riding crop

Mistress training

Last Saturday afternoon I found myself meandering down the Hackney Road in the bright spring sunshine, on my way to show a room-full of strangers my bottom. So far, so predictable, as far as my weekends go. However, this was to be a new experience for me, as I was on my way to a Mistress Workshop to […]

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A new chapter

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, you had to walk into my brand new website (forgive me, Humphrey). Anyway, welcome. I hope you like what I’ve done with the place. Do have a look around – lingering somewhat in the gallery, of course – as it contains lots of new […]

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